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Prace Komisji Historii Nauki PAU is the first peer-reviewed, diamond open access (ie free of charge) journal in Poland devoted to the history of science.  The publications of the journal concern the following: general history of science and its relationships with other domains of culture (philosophy, religion, art and technology) and other meta-sciences (philosophy of science, sociology of the scientific knowledge, scientometrics etc.); history of specific disciplines (scientific theories, world views, scholars and scientific institutions); history of scientific institutions researching the history of science; tools and techniques for research in the history of science and teaching of the history of science.

ISSN 1731-6715 | Frequency annual | Published in years: 1999-2015 | Continued by: Studia Historiae Scientiarium

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Vol. 14 (2015)
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Published: 2015-11-24


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