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Call for Papers 2021

April 13, 2021

This year, we would like to propose the Authors to prepare articles for four thematic sections:

1)      30 years after the break-up of Yugoslavia - challenges and prospects for the Balkan region (editor of the section: Dr Anna Jagiełło-Szostak);

2)      Central Europe in the face of contemporary international challenges (editor of the section: Dr hab. Elżbieta Szyszlak, prof. UWr);

3)      Foreign and security policy of post-Soviet states. An attempt to evaluate the achievements after 30 years of sovereignty (editor of the section: Dr hab. Larysa Leshchenko, prof. UWr);

4)      National security systems of the Eastern Balkans (editor of the section: Dr Tomasz Szyszlak).


Please send the full texts by July 15, 2021, via the editorial panel.

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