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Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: dr Tomasz Szyszlak
e-mail: tomasz.szyszlak@uwr.edu.pl

Research interests: religious revival in the post-Soviet area, studies on cultural conflicts, national security systems of Central and Eastern European countries.

 ORCID                  0000-0002-0281-3377
 ACADEMIA        https://wroc.academia.edu/TomaszSzyszlak
  ResearchGate    https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tomasz-Szyszlak-2


Assistant Editor-in-Chief: dr hab. Jarosław Jarząbek
e-mail: jaroslaw.jarzabek@uwr.edu.pl

Research interests: international relations and domestic politics in the Middle East, the politics of security and armed forces of the Middle Eastern states, Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Palestinian national movement; culture, ethnicity and religion in the Middle East.

 ORCID                 0000-0003-0539-8444
  ACADEMIA     https://wroc.academia.edu/JaroslawJarzabek
  ResearchGate   https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jaroslaw-Jarzabek