Socjalizacja ekonomiczna dzieci i młodzieży

  • Magdalena Harmacińska
  • Monika Szmelter
Słowa kluczowe: economic socialisation, internationalisation, financialisation, children, behaviour contract


Children’s and youth’s economic socialisation

This paper focuses on children’s economic socialisation, especially its financial aspect. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach and the aim of its authors is to indicate the tendencies in global business life which influence the process of economic socialisation, as well as to present the conclusions based on the analysis of the stages and factors of economic socialisation and the behaviour contract as a very effective method of children’s financial socialisation. The methods used in the paper include the analysis of specialist literature and observation. Economic socialisation continues through childhood into adult life of an individual and determines the process of his pursuit of enrichment, which takes place both in the context of the child’s cognitive and social development. Paying attention to children’s economic socialisation is important, because it is during childhood when the habits related to the consumption, budgeting and saving are being shaped.