Ekonomiczne następstwa wprowadzenia parytetów płci w radach nadzorczych spółek publicznych

  • Joanna Sitz-Kuleszo
Słowa kluczowe: gender equality, gender parity, labour market, supervisory boards


Economic implications of gender parity implementation in supervisory boards of public companies

The purpose of the article is to present the economic aspects of the implementation of gender parity in public companies. The test method used involves the analysis of Polish and foreign source
literature. The starting point for considerations are two European Commission documents: ’Strategy for equality between women and men 2010–2015’ and ’Green Paper – EU corporate governance framework,’ which commit public companies to implementing gender parity in the countries of the European Community. The article also quoted examples from outside the European Union. Furthermore, it presents a brief outline of the stages of the implementation of gender parity in the supervisory boards of European companies and attempts to show the wider context of the problem of equality between women and men in the labour market. The analysis of the issues of gender parity and the availability of supervisory board member positions in public companies also became a contribution to the consideration of the position and role of women in the modern economy.