Osoby starsze na rynkach pracy w krajach Unii Europejskiej – wybrane aspekty

  • Ewa Patra
Słowa kluczowe: older workers, labour market, employment rate, activity rate, ageing society


Older workers on labour markets in the European Union countries: Selected aspects

The aim of this article is to characterise briefly the situation of older workers on labour markets in the European Union countries. Taking into consideration that they constitute one of the most problematic groups on the labour markets, main indicators such as activity employment and unemployment rates were presented to illustrate their situation. Also, key solutions which help to increase and stimulate the professional activity among older workers in the European countries were described and analysed. The discussion of these problems confirm the assumption that ageing of societies, one of the main challenges of this century, is a very important factor influencing the level of employment and the direction of employment policy in the countries of the EU. Moreover, it is a key element in the Europe 2020 strategy.